Thirty-One for Fall 2011

25 Sep

I have actually gotten a lot more questions and inquiries about Initials and Thirty-One since my last post. And with lots of new changes, along with the new unviling of their Fall lines and consultant kits, I find it fit and proper to do an update to provide a more accurate picture as possible. My previous posts still stand but this will point out some changes since the last posting.

And it remains: Everything here was gathered from public means online from public websites, company FB Walls, and/or personal one on one contact with a consultant or creative partner. This is as honest of a review I can do of the both, based on what I was able to dig up from first hand accounts. If anything is inaccurate, please let the administrator know or clarify below in a well-put and tactful comment. Thank you.

Initials continue to be more on women’s bags as they unveil and have a patent pending bag called the 180. Thirty-One is just about the same when it comes to home organization. What sets them apart as of Fall 2011 is the unveiling of the men’s line, XXXI, as well as more black and neutral prints.

Thirty-One is still $99 to start and Initials, though $139, has had 2 specials in the last month. The first was the ability to earn your starter kit for free; spend $139 for the kit, book a certain # of parties and a certain amount and you are reimbursed the purchase price of your kit. Currently, it is $100 to sign up with Initials-Inc.

Thirty-one has moved their embroidery cost from $6 to $7. Some items that embroider-able were no longer as of August 1st but due to Consultant and Customer demand, some are embroider-able again.

Changes in Shipping
Thirty-One: Free is free. If the item is free, the shipping and tax is also free for that item. A Host is no longer charged shipping for their rewards items. Everything else is calculated at 8% shipping fee.
There is no longer free shipping for the host at the $500 party.
Initials: The shipping is free for the Host for a qualifying party.

Hostess Exclusive Items: Thirty-One now makes available 3 Hostess Exclusive Items starting at the $200 party – much better than before, which was a $500 party. The Exclusives can be purchased at an additional $20-65. If a Hostess reaches a $1200 party, the Host can get all 3 for free and with free shipping.

Half-Priced Items: Hostess earns this at a $200 for Thirty-One and $350 for Initials.

Thirty-One usually has a Hostess Bonus Special. September 2011, for a $500 party, Hostess can get the Large Utility Tote for only $5 – a $25 savings..

Initials still have their perk for past hostesses, shopping at a party that booked of theirs and the past party host can take advantage of the current Shopportunity Special.

Thirty-One upped their booking rewards from a measly $5 to 1 half-off item per party booked. For example, if I hosted a party and 3 of my friends booked a party, I can purchase an item at half-off at all 3 parties. I save $ while it helps my friends get closer to a higher party $ amount. The consultants do not make commission on these “booking incentive” products.

As of today 08/2011, $1000 party:
For Thirty-One, you get $200 free in products, 2 (was 5) half-priced items, 2 hostess exclusive item (3 to choose from: Double Zip Cosmetic Bag, Rolling Tote and XXL Utility Tote Set for free from our Hostess Exclusive collection). As mentioned earlier, shipping has changed; free shipping on free items but 8% calculated on items that are not earned free. They also took a playbook from Initials; offering $ amount for products for additional orders beyond $1350. Int his case, for parties above $1,300, earn $20 in free products for every additional $100 in party sales.

I still need to verify Initials. As of last post, Initials, $200 in free products, 4 half-priced items, Hostess Shopportunity (can get at $250 party) and free shipping. After anything beyond $1000, Hostess gets $25 for every $150 in orders; sell $1150, get $225 in free products.

I will have to cut it here for now due to family demands. I look forward to providing you more info later.

I do read and reply to posts/comments. I do not publish them because I do not want anyone to be “hawked” on by either company’s consultants. I answer their inquiries to the best of my ability or refer them to where they can find answers. I will say I do not recruit or push them one way or another either.


Thirty-One vs. Initials, Inc.

27 May

Question:  What is the main difference between the two?  As someone looking into representing one over the other, let me state the not so obvious here.  Everything here was gathered from public means online from public websites, company FB Walls, and/or personal one on one contact with a consultant or creative partner.

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Initials-Inc, Legit work from home business or a scam?

26 May

Anytime something new comes up that sounds to good to be true, or different, we want to know….. is it a scam?

If one is predisposed to believe that something is a scam, there is usually no amount of real proof that would make one believe otherwise.

We can read on and on about the company from people all over the place and still come up feeling more confused than before.

For me, I needed to see results and real actual people who are doing the business and can show me exactly what they are doing to get the results I want to see for myself.

I filled out the ‘Find a Consultant’ tab at and got a call from someone in Texas.  Not close enough for me.

Then with a twist of fate, one popped up in one of my networking groups and I had to meet with her.  She is the first in San Diego and I would be the second.  Would you like to be the third?

Feel free to do all the online research one needs on the company, but if you are like me and want to see unbiased and up close and personal, contact me and I can direct you to my friends in the business.  Of course, you can always find the other sides and opposites via company’s corporate sites.